Is Warzone Free?

Gone are the days of Triple A gaming titles always coming with a $60 pricetag +more in DLC and addons. Recently, publishers have realized that they can garner a much wider audience by changing their business models and releasing free to play games.

Most specifically, users may be left asking, “Is Warzone Free?” And we have good news! Call of Duty’s battle royale entry, Warzone, is in fact FREE TO PLAY! Warzone is the counterpart to the last released Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare, and includes many of the same operators, weapons and skins available in multiplayer and the campaign. Rather than charge a subscription or purchase price for Warzone, Activision elected to ensure that the player asking “Is Warzone Free?” are met with a resounding YES!

The business model for Warzone is more of a microtransaction model, allowing for purchase of weapon, operator and vehicle skins to customize the cosmetics of your time in Verdansk.

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