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Finding Your Activision ID

In order to link your Call of Duty Modern Warfare and/or Warzone games to Player Rush you must first provide us with your Activision ID. To find your Activision ID please follow the instructions below: To check on the web: Please visit Click Login if you already have an account, or Sign-up if you have not […]

Warzone Rewards

You gain RUSH rewards for every kill you make while playing Warzone. The amount of rewards you gain depends on whether you are playing Battle Royale matches or Plunder. You can see the reward amounts below: Plunder = 5 RUSH per Kill All Battle Royale types = 15 RUSH per Kill  

Warzone RUSH Rewards

RUSH rewards are gifted to users who have connected certain game accounts to the Player Rush site. These rewards are given for a few different actions those players perform in those games. To gain RUSH rewards by playing Warzone you must first connect your account to the Player Rush site. To see how to do that please check out our article […]

Connecting Warzone and Player Rush

Connecting Warzone to your Player Rush account is a simple process that you will only need to perform once. Once your have connected Warzone and Player Rush, your stats will continue to be tracked and you will continue to earn RUSH tokens until you choose to disconnect from Player Rush. To begin the connection process […]

Warzone Dashboard

Your Player Rush Warzone dashboard display depends on the game type you are wanting to view. There are multiple game types for Warzone and Player Rush supports them all. Player Rush will track your stats and you will gain RUSH Rewards no matter which game type you are participating in. The reward values may vary depending on that game type, […]

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