Team Fortress 2

Linking your Steam Account with Player Rush

In order to connect Steam games to Player Rush you must link your Steam account to Player Rush. Once your account is linked, Player Rush will be able to pull stats for any Steam game you play that is supported by Player Rush. Currently this include, but may not be limited to, CS:GO, Dota2, Team […]

Team Fortress 2 Rewards

You gain RUSH Rewards for every kill you make while playing Team Fortress 2. Every kill gains you 0.60 RUSH Rewards.

Team Fortress 2 RUSH Rewards

RUSH rewards are given to users who have connected certain game accounts to the Player Rush site. These rewards are given for a few different actions those players perform in those games. To gain RUSH rewards by playing Team Fortress 2 you must first connect your Team Fortress 2 account to Player Rush. To see how to do that please […]

Connecting Team Fortress 2 and Player Rush

To connect Team Fortress 2 to Player Rush you simply need to link your Steam Account. First, select Team Fortress 2 as the game you wish to connect Next you will be asked to link your Steam Account and change your Steam Privacy Settings to Public. Doing this will also provide Player Rush with the […]

Team Fortress 2 Dashboard

Your Player Rush Team Fortress 2 Dashboard displays your stats and rewards for Team Fortress 2. You gain RUSH Rewards for every kill you make in Team Fortress 2.

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