COD Warzone Lag

Nothing’s quite so frustrating as jumping into some gaming and experiencing major COD Warzone Lag. While there are many reasons this could occur, we’ve got some quick tips that might help alleviate your issues.

First, before making any substantial changes, reboot your modem powering your PC, Xbox or Playstation. Many times a simple reboot can help reset any issues and ensure you are able to play without experiencing any COD Warzone Lag.

Next, it’s best to reboot your Xbox, Playstation or PC to ensure that nothing is interfering with your network connection and causing COD Warzone Lag.

If you still have an issue, you might be experiencing an issue with your NAT type. Call of Duty has had some known issues in the past from NAT stricty settings causing everything from inability to join parties, to COD Warzone Lag and disconnects.

For more reference, we suggest reviewing the following details of NAT settings that apply to any network connection to Call of Duty servers:

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