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Player Rush is a stat tracking platform which freely provides you a way to  earn rewards for playing games you love.

You earn free CS:GO rewards for every kill you make in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Player Rush is a unique CS:GO stat tracker, as tracks your game stats independent of the format you play the game and with every kill you make you are rewarded with RUSH Rewards directly to your Player Rush account. Player Rush can track your CS:GO stats for mobile games, PC and consoles, thus providing you with coverage no matter how you like to play.

Other CS:GO stat sites simply show you your stats, which you can view in the game itself!

Player Rush tracks your stats, while also freely giving you the best video game rewards you will find anywhere and providing you with a perfect way to hold tournaments without any additional tech.

RUSH rewards act as CS:GO gift items. They are sent directly to your Player Rush account every time you make a kill. As you CS:GO weapons stats increase, you will get more kills and then you’ll get more RUSH. It’s a WIN-WIN!

All you need to do is take a few minutes to create an account on Player Rush and have your CS:GO account linked. It is completely free and Player Rush keeps up with your CS:GO stats without you needing to do anything other than playing the games you love. With Player Rush, you can compete for rewards for CS:GO tournaments and earn daily rewards for kills. Increase your CS ranks and watch your RUSH balance increase as well!

You’ll soon be able to gain more RUSH rewards by playing in tournaments that may be based on you CS:GO ranked stats. This will be a great way to increase your CS:GO level rewards!

Player Rush also supports numerous games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. It is the only stat tracking site where you get Fortnite rewards and Call of Duty rewards. You even get rewards for Call of Duty Warzone. Player Rush is the best place to play games for real rewards.

Player Rush also has a unique ranking system which allows users to climb up the leaderboards of their favorite games to show their skills and a bonus multiplier which means the more RUSH rewards you hold in your account, the more RUSH rewards you earn for playing any of the games we support!

What Player Rush provides is the next evolution of the gaming stat tracker site, as well as a platform that is uniquely built to handle major tournaments without the need for extra development by game developers.

Major Battle Royale game tournaments need to be run using work-arounds and buggy tech in order to make the tournaments work, and even then they rarely do. With Player Rush, users only have to connect their game accounts and their stats are tracked without the need to make glitchy work-arounds. It truly is a new way to game.

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